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i'm only 17!!!I'm a avid fan of Gundams! I want to have a real gundam in the


to appeal to most any anime fan. Read the review to understand what I, Website


of obsessive fan behavior and social dysfunction, which sets him well apart


that I am no fan of unnecessary violence and fan service in anime. I suppose


fan, you want this game." "And while there's definitely a lot of fan


say. I need to know. I am a huge fan of the Kyou Tohru thing Tohru and Kyo end


the lonely holiday of a boy named Santa in a weak, fan service-laden OVA


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. An animemanga fan for the past 10-12 years with


Figures Art Books Novels. Are you a big fan? Get the Newest Bleach Product! ...


this game if you're a Dragonball fan, but I suggest you to try Mortal Kombat or


is just there for gratuitist fan service. That said if you have a story to tell


of it in the US.BRIFred Patten has written on anime for fan and professional


if you're a fan there are some great AMVs. Well,i saw at least 6 episodes on


own dvd. Receive information about the cast and fan club.


fan, you'll feel right at home watching this series. Just like the plot, the


how that has gotten attached to Jin's character in fan art, when he never used


against other human players. Whether or not you are a DBZ fan, Lemming Ball Z


its charm. I&39;m an old school Evangelion fan, so it&39;s an interesting twist

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