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a true janian reply

something different. Damn, I had a good reply too, xD.nyways, I say you don't

flame me with a signed-in flame, Iāll read your stories to get a better idea of


a book and a pencil in his hand; he is writing. Well, he is not a ghost; yet


burned with a cold fire, and therewas a set to his jaw that belonged on a much


genuinely. Such a refined gentleman, with a puckish grin. Reminded me a


of being a good king? How does one behave like a good king? Why is Beowulf a


Therewas a bird flying through the sky. Akitotook a deep breath. His feigned


Until Death," Asuka goads Shinji into attacking a weird Angel that resembles a


people. Many attendants come to exchange andor sell their dÅjinshi. a a a a a


not my scene. Anyway, he gets a call from a local hor-bitch from his last job


did have a near-unstoppable Gardevoir deck for a while! centercenter centerbr


his longing for a happy and loving family has finally come true, and itās all


is about to leave, a pretty girl walks in. Enter Kyoko Otonashi, a


Or rather, a lack of sound. He was in a void, herealized, but a void cannot be


if the writers would label it a soul or a conscience or what, but they could

Paul and a brief discussionwith his dad over a car wash, Josh decided to take


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