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authoress. Yu-Gi-Oh! is my favorite anime, but I also love Read or Die, The

is in the anime section and i know most to all anime are Japanese influenced


on anime , but mind u , I'm not gonna put up any about animes that i don't


anime pictures. fruits basket episode 3 english, anime fruits basket gallery


I'm thinking post anime. Or at least post first season because that's all I've


the moreviolent anime I've seen so far. love this serie!!! i loved this anime.


anime! Fun plot lovely art and a awesome Jazz sound track, I'd recomend this to


each panel. œYes, but in the anime I get to sound like an idiot. Topthat,


There are even some snarky commentaries on anime stereotypes... but again, it


bAN INTRODUCTION bNeon Genesis Evangelion. The Holy Grail of anime DVD?

anime fanfictions hentai, and other image galleries related thereto.

make a great story, which this anime proves a dozen times over. Each and every


sense of closure. A five-star anime series nonetheless, Evangelion


be an idiot with anime in hand. Times like these make me wish anime was less


otaku anime designed to revive the failing anime industry, but midway


anime, and thats what you can download for free, here at Anime is japanese

harm the series' status as one of 2007's best American anime releases, but its


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