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book and animation superheroine, was last Halloween's top costume model for

am really angry at the community at large. Stupid fucking immature brats. Makes


angry, bitter, old man. So, Ween was good, but even Ben agreed it was not worth


strength which comes only when Jaf gets really angry, or goes into one of his


A collage of documentary footage, interviews, animation, and dramatization


another anime series which would compare in plot,music and character animation.


you through a chronological study of Japanese animation,


than 30 minutes of original animation created specifically for the exclusive


characters, suspenseful, nice animation. References to events and earlier parts


090502 112 Here's an AK I pulled from my library of a Counter Strike animation


of the common cliches in Japanese animation, which do, in fact, seem to appear


high, with good animation and excellent seiyuu work most of the cast and crew


later into the movie.Rebirth is all new animation and follows right after


is in the way of animation is just a zoom into a picture of Nyuu. Is Elfen Lied


all enjoy the Makoto stabbing scene, and I was angry at Sekai when she did it.

departs, but his raft is destroyed by his divine enemy , who is angry because


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